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August Book Review

Okay, I'm SO late in posting this (see yesterday's post for a full explanation 😜), but I'm finally here with my August book review! I'm actually laughing really hard as I type this, because I only read ONE book in August, which just perfectly sums up my life right now. I was serious yesterday when I said that all I've done is sleep! 

The only book I read last month was The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers. I've read a lot of Rivers' books; some stand out as some of the best books I've ever read, and some are total flops. This one kind of fell in the middle. It wasn't my least favorite Rivers book, but it definitely wasn't the best. It's the story of a really successful and wealthy artist named Roman who has a terribly troubled past and a big secret that could land him in jail if it was discovered, and his new personal assistant named Grace who also had a really sad childhood and carries a lot of shame for some things she's done. Grace is…

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